What we believe at First Baptist DeQueen about Jesus, the Bible, and the Church

Our Beliefs


God is the all-powerful loving creator of everything. He is all-knowing, ever present, all-good, and absolutely perfect


Jesus is fully human and fully God. He is the only way that people can gain access to God and eternity in heaven. He lived perfectly and died on behalf of all humanity to satisfy God’s justice. He then rose from the dead, so that we could also experience life after death.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is God’s Spirit in the life of every believer. He is the guarantee of heaven. He provides peace and gives spiritual gifts. He guides believers to live a life usable for God.

Heavenly Access

Access to heaven is gained through a belief that Jesus, God’s Son, came to earth, died in our place, and rose from the dead so that God would forgive us of every wrong, or sin, we have ever done and will ever do.


The Bible is wholly the Word of God to everyone. It was written by human authors guided by the Holy Spirit. It is completely true, containing no errors, and is applicable to our lives today.


The Church is a local gathering of intentionally active Christians working together using their individual spiritual gifts to accomplish God’s purpose in their surrounding community and around the world. It works to spiritually strengthen its members and bring everyone to Jesus.


Baptism is the first act of obedience for the believer. It is not required for eternity in heaven, but it is a declaration to the world to whom the believer now belongs. It is symbolic of what happens spiritually to a person when he believes. The person is immersed in water symbolizing a death to a sinful and prideful life. The person rises out of the water symbolizing raising from the former dead life to a new life lived for God.

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